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Nichirei Foods U.S.A., Inc is an importer/exporter and sales agent for quality food products. Our strength lies in decades of industry innovation, knowledge, and investment to bringing forth quality products at competitive prices. We have an altruistic approach to business where we put people, health, and overall welfare at the core of our values.


Our partner suppliers in Asia, The United States, and Mexico adhere to strict environmental guidelines to produce the best possible products. It is part of our mission to not only enhance the lives of our consumers, but also our business partners as we continue to contribute to the employment of local personnel and overall economy in these countries.

Ready to Eat Products

Here at Nichirei Foods, we offer an assortment of frozen foods in different food service packaging modalities to fit your needs. Our products are sold to the food service, grocery deli, and industrial markets where further manufactures produce ingredients used in restaurants and ready to heat-and-eat consumer products. We have Organic and Kosher products available for purchase with the option of a variety of cuts and sizes offered at competitive prices.

Diced Red Bell Peppers

Diced Yellow Bell Peppers

Diced Green Bell Peppers

Diced Carrots


Fire Grilled Sweet Corn

Green Peas

Julienne Carrots