Grilled Rice Ball

Doesn’t grilled rice just sound delicious? It is!

Our Grilled Rice Ball is a Japanese rice cake formed with cooked rice and lightly finished with soy sauce. Its grilled rice and soy sauce flavors combine to create a delightfully sublime taste experience.

Fully pre-cooked, it’s a convenient appetizer or side dish – just heat and serve. It also provides a versatile offering for catering and food service businesses.

In Japan it’s known as Yaki Onigiri (Yah-kee oh-nee-gee-ree), which literally means “grilled rice ball.” A popular frozen food offering in grocery stores and traditional menu item at restaurants, it is typically grilled along with soy sauce or miso sauce.

  • Fully pre-cooked – just heat and serve
  • Bake, steam or microwave
  • Easy to handle, easy to prepare
  • Restaurants: easily displayed behind glass, simply thaw and display
  • At 80 calories per item, provides a healthy alternative to white rice or potatoes
  • No MSG, No Trans Fat
Rice, Soy Sauce (wheat, soy bean, salt, glucose), Sugar, Lactose, Salt, Soy Sauce Powder (Wheat, Soy Bean, Salt, Glucose), Modified Potato Starch, Vegetable Oil (canola oil, glycerol esters of fatty acids, vitamin d), Yeast Extract, Mirin (glucose, rice, alcohol), Dried Bonito Extract, Kelp Extract. ALLERGENS: Contains Wheat, Soy Bean, Milk.
Serving Ideas:
1) A great appetizer or convenient snack, 2) A healthy alternative side dish to white rice or potatoes. Great with chicken, seafood or vegetables, 3) Pairs nicely with white wine
Preparation Methods:
1) MICROWAVE: Remove Grilled Rice Ball from the tray and place on a microwave safe plate. Heat on high. 1 piece = 50 seconds; 3 pieces = 1 minute and 45 seconds; 5 pieces = 3 minutes. 2) COMBITHERM/STEAMER: Remove Grilled Rice Ball from the tray and place in a stainless steel pan. Heat in steam setting in Combitherm for approximately 8 minutes. 3) CONVENTIONAL OVEN: Treat baking sheet with non-stick spray. Remove Grilled Rice Ball from the tray and place on a baking sheet. Bake at 375°F for 20 minutes.
10 pieces per bag = 17.6oz (500g), Carton = 105.63oz (3kg)